Unus (One) Lets Become It!

February 17, 2010
By nooxygen PLATINUM, Medford, New York
nooxygen PLATINUM, Medford, New York
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the mirror only tells half the story, beauty is found on the inside...
love is blind
only the shadow knows
words said in the heat of anger are never from the heart

The power of unity
is very strong,
when a church unites
no enemy has the
power to win a fight,
when the people in the
church has a single
purpose to unite,
the result of it is very
to unite for the purpose
of building friendship
is wonderful,
but unity is more than that,
It’s about making sure
no one gets left out,
whether it’s a new comer,
or someone who’s been in the
church for a long time,
unity can only get stronger
if everybody in the church unites,
its harmony, friendship, and love
all rolled into one,
we can only work together to
for fill this one simple word ;
that has so much effect and power ;
through prayer, wisdom, and the word of god .
Unity can not be forced ;
Unity can not be faked ;
The people have to accept the unity,
Unity is lost forever…
The word I’m trying to point out to you,

The author's comments:
To bring or join together

Make or become one
The word unity came to the English language more than 700 years ago. It came from the French word unite, which came from the Latin word unus, meaning “one”

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