The Game of Life

February 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Life is a sport

Life is a boxing ring
With challengers lining up for an opportunity to defeat you
And your vain mind, believing itself to be indestructible,
Accepts each and every one of their offers for a feud
Without ever pondering: “Am I ready for this?”
Life is a sport that tests your vulnerability

Life is a soccer field
Including your fellow athletes sharing the responsibility
Of relocating the spotted orb to the distant rope net
Omitting the crime of having it stolen by your sly opponents
In order to move on to nationals
Life is a sport that assesses your ability to collaborate with others

Life is a basketball court
Made of towering goals that frequently seem too far away
And while numerous lanky beings simply take a few measly steps to get there
You may be one of the many stout individuals
That are required to take extra leaps and bounds to shoot a basket
Life is a sport that examines your desire to succeed

Life is a football stadium
That has spirited fans roaring your name, sometimes distracting you
And there is a pack of complications stampeding towards you
But you can withstand the blow and you charge through the herd
Darting past the 50-yard line towards victory
Life is a sport that unveils your level of endurance

Life is a game
That compels you to produce a strategy
With segments that harmonize
In order to win the internationally craved prize
Of prosperity

The author's comments:
While prewriting a poem for a school assignment, I suddenly realized how sports seem to mirror life. I hope readers will also be able to make the connection after reading my poem.

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