My Flavor Is Chocolate

February 17, 2010
By Stephanie.Marie GOLD, Manasss, Virginia
Stephanie.Marie GOLD, Manasss, Virginia
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Headaches with earthquakes create milkshakes in the brain
Oozing out delicious thoughts
While freezing up the damn I once built around this town
Fondly known as Stephanie’s Brain
And people still come and visit; for the taste of what I’ve got
And sometimes these earthquakes don’t exactly hit the spot
Creating a well knowing that not everyone is the same
For the hope that one of these earthquakes will create the right amount of shake
Making it somewhat sane
And when it happens it will mix up my already jumbled thoughts
And produce what was once known as my brain
But now in return for my delicious thoughts,
Is nothing but a mixed up milkshake
That will once again freeze up the dams that blockade you from entering
And well we all know we once fought reality, like we do now
But ironically it is all the same
Our causes linked, like ice on a safety rail
Causing confusion and caution,
Which would normally be avoided with the mention of a “safety” rail
But now seems to cause even more danger then without one
And I feel light headed as you drink
The delicious nectar that has been produced for you
And all you can think is,
Man it tastes like chocolate…
I try to be different but ironically it just makes me the same as everyone else.

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