The Cover Is Not The Story

February 17, 2010
By Flowers_4_Ever BRONZE, Amanda, Ohio
Flowers_4_Ever BRONZE, Amanda, Ohio
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Yeah she smiles, He waves, They look happy on the cover,
Just nor...mal kids, No different from the others.
But her smile, It fades, And her eyes fill with tears.
Her heart fills with sadness, Now her dreams blocked by fear.
She loses control, Like a car driving on ice,
She tries hard to fit in, No matter what the price.
So she tries, To gain, The control she feels she needs,
And the only way she knows, Is when her arms begin to bleed.
Again, She cries, But she feels that this could really help,
Not knowing, The truth, That she's tearing apart herself.
He looks calm, And cool, But really his world is collapsing all around,
On the inside, He is screaming, But on the outside not a sound.
He just grins, And nods, And makes it another day,
As his head keeps spinning and he knows no other way.
But no blades, No knifes, No cuts across his wrists,
But instead, With scars, And bruises on his fists.
He focuses, His pain, On anyone whose near,
And loses control, As he becomes their worst fear.
He hates, The rage, As he knows it isn't him,
But he can't seem to stop it, From happening again.
They both, are hurt, And know not what to do,
You might know them, A friend, Or maybe it is you.
We should help them, Before, It becomes to late,
And they give, Up living, because the pain and pressure, Becomes too great.
Yet she smiles, He waves, They look happy on the cover,
Just normal kids, No different from the others.

The author's comments:
My family had been going through some rough times and I had a friend who had anger issues and a friend who had been cutting them self so wrote something down and this is what came from it.

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Unknown said...
on May. 31 2011 at 10:07 pm
This poem really hit home for me. It is so incredible I wish I had the hand who wrote it. Great job(:


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