Love Hurts

February 17, 2010
By , Medford, NY
Young love.
Well old people
can love too!
But whatever.
I don’t give a care anymore.
Don’t care what you call it,
But love hurts,
Its like a sewing needle that is
being pushed down into a vain,
Or some insane parent,
Placing a hot iron on a child’s back.
The pain can be even worse at times,
Depending on how much you loved that person.
Sometimes the pain could feel as if
a razor sharp blade
Is biting,
Is chewing,
Your heart out…
Or your heart is placed into a flaming
fireplace that has blue flames…
Either way,
Love hurts.
It’s the worst
kind of hurting,
Its an eternal pain,
Eternal bleeding,
And you can’t seem to stop the flow of painful blood…
So you get my point?

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