Crimson Drops Fall

February 17, 2010
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When I think about the act
That happened to you
I carve the pain into my skin
With a bloody rusty knife

Crimson drops fall from my veins
As raging hurts flickers to flames
I’ve become consumed in lies
This is the life that I despise

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Please tell me that this ain’t all
This reflection that I see
Splattered blood all over me

If this is freedom, may I be bound?
In silver chains tied to the ground
Heavy burdens let me roll
‘Cause no emotion I need know

That cold metal in my hand
A sense of power I can stand
Looking beyond the scars I bare
Into a future that isn’t there

Selfish painful that holds me down
This is the grief that I’m around
How could anyone say that life is free
If only they’d take a look at me

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