All Talk No Show

February 17, 2010
By Chickenwings GOLD, Park City, Utah
Chickenwings GOLD, Park City, Utah
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Walking in a big group
One boy leads
Only he is talking
He talks smack and talks back
And everyone listens like he knows all
Everyone turns to him when in need of advice

He then says that that guy over there is a coward
He yells at the guy and calls him names
They guy stands up
Walks over
And punches him in the face
He yells get up and fight

The boy runs away
Holding his face
Tears are forming in his eyes
And all the kids point and laugh
And the boy never looks back

In the group again the boy is in the back
He doesn’t say a word and keeps to himself
He just walks along
Being mundane

The boy that leads is the guy
He is the only one talking
And they all ask him for advice
Because they know he’s not all talk
And no show

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