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February 17, 2010
By Pagerda SILVER, Senatobia, Mississippi
Pagerda SILVER, Senatobia, Mississippi
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I'm suffocating.
I want to know something,
But when you won't tell me,
I suffocate.
Why won't you tell me?
Why will you not answer?
I cannot breathe when I'm waiting,
Waiting for the answer.
Please let me know,
Please allow me to breath.
I am suffocating here,
Give me your answer,
Be it bliss or horrid,
And I can breathe again.
My question is simple,
So I shall ask you again:
Do you love me?

The author's comments:
Something.. simplistic.
Most of my poems, like this one, do not consist of my actual feelings. For that, I am glad.

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