Me as Me

February 17, 2010
tomorrow I'm gonna replace this fake smile with a real smile
I'm gonna live life the way I want to live it
not how others want to live it for me
I'm going to always take one step forward and never two steps back
I'm gonna laugh at the jokes I think are funny
and laugh at the jokes I don't think are funny
I'm not gonna judge people by what they wear rather what's on the inside
I'm gonna put my past behind and look towards the future
what does the future hold for me?
I'm gonna dance in the rain
I'm gonna have fun while making a fool out of myself
I'm gonna sing as loud as I can
I'm gonna look in the mirror and like what I see
I'm gonna go barefoot and crazy
I'm gonna kiss like there's no tomorrow
and dream like there's no today
I'm gonna tell him that I love him
and smile when he says he doesn't
I'm gonna be me
the girl I was when I was five years old
crazy, wild, an individual
I want to go back and not care what anyone thinks of me
have no peer presure or expectations
No heart breaks, only tears from a skinned up knee
but instead of being five, I want to be fourteen
I want to be independant, fun, my own
I don't want anyone to look down on me,
only up at me
there will be no "people telling me what to do"
and no "me doing what people tell me to do"
the only tears I'll have are of joy
no one will control my thoughts
no one will control me
I am me, this is me, i don't get any better than me
I'm going to look into the mirror tomorrow and say
I like who I've become
will I like who I am tomorrow?

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