A second chance

February 17, 2010
By jassi BRONZE, Jacksonsille, Florida
jassi BRONZE, Jacksonsille, Florida
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"live life at the most"

Ignorance crosses his mind,
Music is his escape from the real world.
A place where sorrow, and sadness is forgotten,
A place where happiness and joyous memories are reminisced.
From the depths of his mind,
Happy times no longer exist as he enters the real world.
He bares scares on his chest not on his back.
Not fearing what the world thinks of him,
But fearing what the world will do to him.
Choices made in his life are not the wisest.
Coping in the most dangerous, painful ways,
Only to hurt himself and others around him.
Mistake after mistake he leads up to the biggest blunder of his life.
Trying to break from the world permanently,
He thinks about things he will lose, not things he has gained…..
But only to find life has given him a second chance,
His eyes open to see what he really has in life.
A family who loves him and many who care,
He realizes he is not alone in this vast, cruel world.
There is more meaning to life than he ever thought of,
Only to find himself stronger than before.
Never fearful always hopeful.

The author's comments:
This is a very personal piece about some one in my family. I choose to write about things i care about alot. My family is one mayor thing to me.

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