February 17, 2010
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Music is like a rainbow of colors
Different genres determine all the others,
It can tell a story about various things
Make sure to have satisfying endings.

But what we know not about all the instruments included
Is that they all tell an individual story with none of them excluded.

The guitar is the wisest story-teller
Adding another one makes the story that much better,
The guitar can tell stories of loneliness and abandonment
Or of times when happiness overpowers the hurting words that were sent.

The bass can almost tell just as good of tales
But there can be times where it fails,
The bass is more of the lonely guy
He is often very quiet and more then often very shy.

The percussion instruments are more of the guidelines
They help the guitar and bass with stories of all kinds,
Drums keep the story going
Without them, the whole story wouldn’t be flowing.

Various instruments say different things
But when combined, they rule like an omnipotent king,
Extra instruments like an orchestra give it power
With their intensity, you’ll be above everyone like a tower

And like I said, music is like a journey
Sometimes competing with others in a tourney,
But most importantly it’s the story that is told
So remember to listen up and don’t be cold.

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