February 17, 2010
By number8 SILVER, Rockford, Michigan
number8 SILVER, Rockford, Michigan
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Completely innocent is what I am
But now I am hated, like computer spam

Nobody knows what really went down
But now I’ve been driven right out of town

The jury seems to favor him
Everyone’s rooting for poor little Jim

They do not know he’s a liar and a cheat
All they know is that he is nice and sweet

But why am I so falsely accused
I feel so useless, lonely and abused

What is the thing he has against me
But I am innocent, I should be let free

Jim is guilty for all those charges
But now he blames me and barges

Right into my life, and now take a look
All I am thought of is a petty crook

Or so he believes, and everyone else too
Wants me found guilty, he just had to sue

To prove his point, to leave his mark
His tattling is heard like a morning sky lark

So here I go, it’s my final stand
It’s obvious this is an evil plan

Listen to me, court and jury
Be on my side and you will not have to worry

That you made the wrong choice
Hear my voice

When I say
The final verdict is coming my way

Let me go, I did not do the crime
Why else would I write this very long rhyme

Completely innocent is what I am
All I need is to get out of this jam

The author's comments:
I was blamed for checking a book out on someone elses acount:( I felt terrible and now everyoone hates me...

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