Baby Bast: A New Kitten

February 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Running, playing and pouncing
Growling with a fierceness
That scares your adopted brothers
You trim your claws
Delicate and razor sharp
You run and hide
Then grab and claw
Hisses and batting paws fill
Everything in earshot
When I sleep I hear you
Softly snoring with a purr motor
That a Chevy could be proud of
But all these qualities are not
My favorite

I like your fluffy fur and the way
You mush soft blankets
Between your paws
Your light blue eyes
Your dark ears and legs
You are there
When I am desolute
Alone, I am never
Because of you
When my first died you were there
Soothing, purring
With a wise meow and a gentle mind
You helped me and I thank you
Without you, grieving would be

I stick up for you
When people say
'I'm a dog person, I hate cats'
I don't care, you were there
Not them,
They will never realize the power
In your little soul
Bright and happy
Helping me
So one last time, I thank you

As I kiss you good-night
Your dreams approach and I watch
Your paws move and whiskers react
So cute, my little baby Bast

The author's comments:
I lost my first cat, Katzanova, recently and I just got a new kitten named Bast. I wrote this for him because he helped my as I was very close to Katzanova.

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