Shards of a Broken Heart

February 16, 2010
She sheds tears
Of venom as he stands
He stands silently
As she drops to her knees
In naught but despair
He by stands
He has shattered
What is already broken
Leaving a heart of gold caught and tattered
She lies awake
Awake in the early hours
She lies awake and mourns
Mourns the loss of all that she once had
She sits on the ground
She thinks about what could be gained
From the loss of this piece
Of her devastated heart
And yet, she knows nothing else
She does all she can
In order to gain him back
For she thinks this will free her of pain
She feels as if she has died
She lays and cries
Feeling nothing but hollow inside

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jay55cool said...
May 14, 2016 at 8:32 pm
#yassss i love this
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