Alone In the Moonlight (?/?/around 2005)

February 16, 2010
Alone in the moonlight,
I try to listen for anybody... for anything.

I hear nothing, except the empty sound of darkness.
And the never-ending echo of silence.

I strain my eyes, trying to look for anybody... for anything.

I see nothing, except depressing black surround me,
Enveloping me in a world of loneliness, a world I cannot escape from.

But then, I look up, and see the moon.

Though it may just seem like a circle in the sky to many people,
It is more than that to me.

To me, it is a connection to life.

Everyone around the universe sees the moon, or at least knows it's there.
It's a connection we all share, but are too busy to notice.

But even if no one else care, I still do.
For it is all I have as I stand here,
Alone in the moonlight.

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