Unhappy Valentine's Day Matt

February 16, 2010
By Anonymous

I dreamed of this day
Hope Joy expectations
All those missed texts far from my mind
the fact i almost never see you was forgotten
And then you leave
How could you leave?
Why did you leave?
Left early
Left me alone
My valentine's day gift was becoming single
I gift i can't return
I caused fights
and brokeness
and now i'm all alone
I bought a pair of awesome shoes
Ate alot of chocolate
I drank my weight doubled in Pepsi
I didn't look back
My best friends knew just what to do
To make me smile and laugh
But when i got home the next day
I felt myself crash
I watched sappy movies
And curled up in a blanket
But now its in the past i see that
Its going to be hard to just be friends
I refuse to kiss you
ever ever again
I think i'm giving up romance
I'll stick to fictional boys
Maybe in colledge
I'll open my heart again
But in the words of Paramore
Words i find too true
This is what you get
when you let your heart win
So if i'm distant and quiet
If i act out
Its not becuase i hate you
Its because I'm moving up, moving on, moving away from self doubt
It was a bad v-day
That's the mild thing to say
But hey
I can hope, I can pray
I;ll find my prince charming somehow, someway

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