Leaving the rose behind in the sand

February 16, 2010
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Watching the tide of the salty ocean wet the sand
Holding that one rose in my hand
Given to me by my someday true love
Wilting by the light of the full moon and the starry sky above
Sucking in the misty breath of sea air
As the wind blows through my sun-lightened hair
Waiting for my true love to return
Turning off my fire-lit heart that burns
Yearning for more
Just trying to remember the good times from before
Toes sinking into the sand
Holding that one rose in my hand
A smile of hope, which shines in the moon light
But I have been waiting for my true love all night.
My salty tears trickle down my cheeks into the ocean
Never shall I give my heart away again.
I had nothing else to give but my heart, my life, my smile
My heart, which I have been denying for a while.
Turning my head, running toward the skies
Nothing left behind me but darkness, footprints, shadows, lies
Leaving the one rose behind in the sand
Wishing that my true love would someday grab my hand
And dry up the ocean full of my tears

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