Thank You, Love

February 16, 2010
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Hi, Love, or what I thought could have been.
Some days with you were perfect, and others I had wished our months together had been less than ten.
Our relationship was as a blooming daisy, almost too good to be true
But internally it was dissolving away, just as your manipulative voice was no longer smooth.
Good morning, Love. Sometimes your heart was as warm as the awakening sun
And you contently knew that it was my heart you had won.
Beneficial to you, it was my heart you held in your hand,
Twisting and moving it convincingly, stomping on it in the sand.
But this I continued to allow, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.
My mind was overwhelmed, but my feelings I could not say.
Good night, Love. “I like you, too. Sweet dreams.”
But at this point, you hid who you truly were, very well, it seems.
Your life was all a lie, and with this you were fine.
But your lies seeped into love, while you continued to be blind.
This compiles with the past, and my heart remains with pain.
Sweet as sugar to my face, then you repeatedly lie and leave me in the rain.
Good bye, Love. No longer shall you be,
But I thank you for breaking my heart, because with this comes opportunity.

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