Ran Out of Love

February 16, 2010
By Anonymous

You called me names,
You brought me shame,
My love for you,
Went down the drain,
You talk behind my back,
And that’s a fact,
Love is the thing I lack,
I gave you chances,
I tried to love you again,
I even tried treating you as a friend,
You push me around,
And expect me to show
My love for you,
But I can’t.
You push me down.
I almost put my life
To an end,
Because of you,
Thoughts of running away,
Engulfs me at times,
And at times I wish
Your life was at its end,
No longer will I feel this pain,
No longer will I dare try to love
You again,
No longer will I care for you again,
Because I ran out of love,
Its to late to refill this love,
Because I ran out of love…

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