Why Do You Want to Harm Me?

February 16, 2010
By , Medford, NY
I can’t stand
The way you look
At me,
The anger in your
Blackens your soul,
Your only goal in life
Is to hurt me,
But I didn’t do
Anything to you,
You threaten you will
get me someday,
In a way
I’ll never forget,
You follow me
In the shadows,
But I didn’t do anything
To you,
I didn’t harm you in anyway!
So why do you want to harm me?
Why do you want to harm me?
One day I was
Walking to school,
Me being the fool,
I was walking alone,
You ran up to me
And stabbed me in the back,
Just like you promised
So long ago,
I fell unto the hard
winter crisped ground,
Without a sound,
You left me on the cold ground,
That is slowly soaking up
The deep,

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