February 16, 2010
Nobody ever promised it’d be easy.
Nobody ever promised it’d be perfect.
Nobody ever said that things would go the way we want them to.
Or even that in the end, things would be at least happy.
But for now, we don’t need perfect.
Perfect doesn’t exist.
And neither does normal.
But feelings; they exist.
Without hope; there is nothing.
I want you to understand how much you mean to me;
And words probably won’t ever explain.
but its not a matter of words.
Or sayings.
Or actions.
It’s a matter of knowing
One thing
From the next.
And in the end, maybe one of us will get hurt.
But you just have to be okay with that.
Don’t ever hold back
Just because you’re scared.
I’m scared too.
But if we try;
We’ll make it.
Things may turn out bad;
But that’s okay.
You can’t hold back out of fear.
Even though putting down your guard is hard;
Its can end up being the best thing in the world.
And really, truthfully, all in all,
Nobody ever said it’d even be worth it in the long run.
But for now; it’s the most worthwhile thing in the world.

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