The Boy on the Curb

February 16, 2010
The boy stands at the corner
He hits on every girl that walks by
But gets rejected every time
Swallowing sadness he sits on the curb
He waits

He thinks

He waits some more
Waiting for nothing
Thinking about not even close to everything
He just sits

A girl walks by
But the boy doesn’t do anything
The girl walks a w a y
Another walks by
But the boy still does nothing
And this repeats for five times

The boy stands up
Looks around and sees couples
Couples kissing
Couples holding hands
Couples being couples
Ever where he looks he spots a couple

He looks down in sadness
He looks up with despair
He looks left with desolation
But looks right with hope
To his right is a girl coming towards him

Her hair is curly brown and shinning in the sun
With skin tan from the sun
Her nose is petit and her legs long
Holding up a perfect slender torso
When she walks past she flicks her eyes at him
They are brown like an almond
Or like one of a teddy bear

The boy regains hope and tries just one last time
He steps in front of her
And doesn’t say anything
The girl then talks
“You know boy
I saw you on the curb
I walked by you to get your attention
Then I walked by five more times to get you to notice me.
You going to ask me on a date
Cause I want you to”

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