The Still Coldness Of The Night

February 16, 2010
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She whispers,
Into the still coldness of
the night ,
“Hush my baby ,
It will be all right.”
Placing her long slender finger
On my lip,
This made me shut my mouth,
Pretending to zip,
She ran with me
Into the still coldness
Of the night,
To young to comprehend,
The danger
We would be in,
If daddy caught us…
Seemed to have engulfed
Mommy and I,
that’s when
I soon realized
I wanted so much to cry,
Didn’t have time
To say goodbye,
I wonder why,
Mommy still has that jagged scar
On her cheek,
Just thinking about it,
Made me want
To check and peek,
I promised daddy
I wouldn’t tell,
He had once said
That the reason
Why he beats her so,
Is because she was sent from hell.
So I watch
Daddy beat mommy,
Praying to god,
every night,
Asking God to forgive her..
She ran with me,
Into the still coldness
Of the night...

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