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February 16, 2010
By leighb1234 BRONZE, Elkton, Virginia
leighb1234 BRONZE, Elkton, Virginia
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loudest music with louder vocals
long-haired heroes dropping beautiful bass lines like flies
the guitarist's strummin' out his solo fast and hard
to end with a crash and the fastest rhythm of the drummer

the stage is the place to watch
the crowd is the place to be

out here with the mass of sweaty bodies smashed up front against the stage
or out in the pit
when we mosh out our anger under the quick seizure causing strobe lights
to the HXC screamings of the vocalist who's shredding up his chords as hard as the band

just for us

and we move to it
we fight for it
we bleed to it
we scream with it
we live for it
we love it

every and any chance to slam
to mosh
to surf
to circle
to fall down
to get back up bruised and bloody
with the energy of a hundred (not even on occasion)

the adrenaline hitting you like a shockwave
to tear out your eardrums
and quick step with your heartbeat

and when we're done
we wear our fresh bruises
and scrapes and scratches
with the old scars from the last show
with dignity and pride

because we were at that show
we shed blood on that concrete floor
for that band
under the strobe lights that blind
to the lyrics we screamed back
to the guys who screamed them first

The author's comments:
Going to shows (concerts) is one of my favourite things to do. The louder the music is, the more brutal the crowd is, the heavier the pit is, that's where I feel at home. Never mind the battle scars we get, the music is in our veins, and we'll be dammed if no one can understand that.

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