No BUllying Rap

February 16, 2010
By , Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Bullying students who want to be friends is not right, we shoiuld befriend them instead of trying to fight
Don't always have a fist clinched so tight, there is no need to show them our might
Don't get ready for enemies get ready for friends, they are the ones who are with us at the end
Instead of a zero give them a ten, for the day we need help they will be happy to lend
More than a big hand, i learned that the hard way on my road to becoming a better man
The truth is i used to bully my childhood friend Dan, he said that's enough i am taking a stand
So i said what can i do or say, a good person told me to stop it and that was my childhood friend Shay
She told bullying is wrong everyday, because the people you bully might just want to play
Listen you need to know that bullying is not okay, you need to throw that bullying stuff away
You guys know your better than that, there is no need to be a bully we all know its an act
Keep your mind sharp like a thumbtack, and think the people you are bullying might just have your back
Do your school work like reading and math, learn to behave and stop trying to bully the staff
For that is just on the schools' behalf, think of all the fun things you did i know you all had a great laugh

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redskull said...
Nov. 27, 2012 at 11:07 am
this is a good article it tells alot about this person and what their life was like
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