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love is.

February 16, 2010
By AmereMortal GOLD, Russellville, Alabama
AmereMortal GOLD, Russellville, Alabama
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do or do not there is no try, starswars movie.

done is the deed, begone ye from this place for this is a place of love, doth thou not hear me? begone I say for this is the time for new-beginnings and new trials, come hell or high water, from this point on we travel to new places,an new adventure awaits for
the followers of love,come find it opened afresh on the day of any date, for love is powerful beyond measure, it does'nt sleep,for love is living eternal, it waits to be ascertained, it lerks in the shadows waiting for a follower to pick it up and be treasured, and acompany thou lifes journeys, being youyr friend when you need one most, picking up your spirit and giving you joy.

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