Just A Girl

February 16, 2010
By stephlynn615 BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
stephlynn615 BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
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"never have i been a blue calm sea, i have always been a storm..." Fleetwood Mac

I'm just a girl
Lost in this merciless world
Lord I need you
Here beside me
Take my hand
And say you'll guide me
My heart is troubled
My mind the same
I'm so tired of running in this circle game
Save me baby
Take my hand
Tell me that you understand
I need to know
What's right from wrong
I'm haunted by shadows
Dark ones from my past
And I'm so afraid these shadows
Won't allow this life to last
I need you now
More than ever before
I just don't think you can find me
When I'm laying speechless on the floor
I cry my eyes out
All the time
Memories play like movies in my mind
For one fleeting instant I see the future
So abundantly clear
I reach out to grasp it
But it was never truly there
I'm laying here, still on the floor
It's hard and it's cold
But I've been here so long
I can't feel it anymore
I turn to you
For I am lost
I believe that you can find me
Whatever the cost
I'm just a girl
Too young for this world
Too unstable for your demons
When I'm still fighting off my own
You tell me all your problems
All your secrets all your lies
And for one brief moment
I just want to cry and close my eyes
I want my eyes to shut
And with my sight will go this world
Why don't you ever understand
I'm still a little girl?
A daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover too
I'm still a person
With demons just like you

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