February 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Did you ever stop to think that your words hurt her?
Did you ever stop to think she may have actually loved you?
Did you know that you’re the reason for every scar on her arm?
Did you know she sits alone at night wonder what she did to displease you?
Well now she sits on her bathroom floor
With a phone in her hand
Waiting… for your call
Blood trickling down her wrists
Flowing onto the floor
Staining her face with mascara filled tears
She carves hopeless love onto her wrist
Then carves heartless b**** onto her heart
She now sits there just letting the blood flow
Falling into a deep slumber
Hearing screams and sirens
Flashing lights clouding her vision
Dying in despair and drowning in depression
YOU are the reason for her scars
And YOU are the reason for her death
The last thing she muttered was
“I’m sorry I was the end of your life
But aren’t you happy now
That you’re the end of mine?”

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