Bitter Tunes

February 11, 2010
By ClairArlene BRONZE, Tonganoxie, Kansas
ClairArlene BRONZE, Tonganoxie, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
When the rich wage war it's the poor who die

Your double vision is clear and
your breath is heavy
with trying not to tear apart
I am trying not to tear apart.
It is not just a song that
threatens my heartbeat,
but the thousand memories scraping at me
until I bleed inside and I can
taste the iron on my lips from when I licked my self-inflicted wounds
to escape that night.
Your eyes are burning and
your lips are dry
from keeping in desperate chokes
I am trying not to choke on
my tears.
The tears that no longer show but
they are always there
on the tip of my eyelashes and
in a place where my heart cannot find.
It is not just a song that reminds me of you
It is not just a song that reminds me of how much I hurt
There was a time when my mind died and the song was playing like the soundtrack of
my last seconds
I am the reminder of all that haunts me everyday.

The author's comments:
Sometimes life and be really hard for other people, including myself. When it happens, it feels like we just want to give up and do anything to get out.
I hope that this poem does what I wrote it do to; to show that people truly do understand what you're going through.

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