February 11, 2010
One time, when I was seventeen
I wanted to know what it would feel like to fly.
Not in an airplane
But by the flapping power of my own arms
Just like the birds.
To jump off a building and soar
Feeling the wind in my long blond hair and
The cotton candy clouds.
I would follow the commercial airplanes
Drifting on their wings and not care about
Where they fly to.
A mother’s voice always
Wakes me from slumber of when I was flying and
Escaping from the
Worldly cares.
This normal habit of mine, to lie down
And shut my eyes to
Feast on my imagination and letting the pixie dust
Carry me away into places of the never-been-traveled.
Tiny bubbles full of thoughts and creations float around in my mind
Me of the good and the bad things that have happened.
How my mind travels around my thoughts is amazing.
Dreams come true in my imagination.
I have the life I want
“My own private little get away” I call it.
Closing my eyes and forgetting about the world is something I am
Stresses are gone, and I am at
No one can see this world but me, even if they did,
They would not believe me anyways.
I cannot even describe my world to them
It’s complex and personal.
Sometimes my world becomes
Infected with
Dreadful nightmares.
Freezing monsters
Controlling snakes suffocate my imagination and
Mean trolls try to steal my faith.
I wake up and shake the blackness out of my head
Just like someone who cleans a dirty welcome mat.
Falling back to sleep, my fairytale becomes bright again.
Blue birds and
Sparrows sing lovely tunes.
Nothing stops me from doing
I love to do.
My world has the endless supply of violins, pianos and concert halls
Filled with appreciative fans, family and friends.
Alas, my alarm clock awakes me-
Time for reality it screams with a loud radio.
My emerald green eyes open and I am in my
Messy bedroom
Back to reality.

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celloizmylife said...
Mar. 8, 2010 at 6:30 pm
I can relate, tons of imagery. It was a little choppy though, not very flowing.
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