I Don't Want To Be Like You

February 11, 2010
In a world of stereo types
She stood alone…
Different from the rest
Everyone wanted popularity
They wanted to be the same
She didn’t want to play there game
To be popular there are rules
You have to hang out with these people
You have to hang out at this place
And if you don’t your no longer ”in”
To be the same you take too
Many risks
Your popular
And some envy that
But I
Don’t want to be like you
If you dress like;
Everyone else
It makes you a nobody
And it makes your look
Second hand
It’s better to be you
To yourself you must remain true
My goal for today is to live the best I can
Not be popular or advertise
A name brand
Maybe you think your great
But I don’t want to be like you
People get popular
They take it to the head
But can they really be popular
When so called “unpopulars”
Cant stand them?
So yes it is true

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