February 11, 2010
By , Phoenix, AZ
I am a monster,
When my heart turns black into rage,
Rage I feel when I’m alone,
Alone walking a path of sorrow,
A path of sorrow that I created when I let you go.

I am a monster,
Ashamed of my doing,
My doing of lying to you,
Lying to you about my feelings,
My feelings of love and compassion towards you.

I am monster,
That stops and listens,
Listens to what you have to say,
You say “Monster go away!”

The words you say create an awkward silence. Those words that you say I’ll dare to repeat “Monster go away.” I pause as you walked away. Horrified to hear you say those words, I walked away.

As for the monster you say to go away, he’ll stop by and ask “why?

I am a monster,
That cries at night,
At night he reached for a knife,
A knife that ended his life.

At night, hear silence in his room.
At the strike of nine you could hear him say “monster go away.”

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