Following the Crowd

February 11, 2010
By sprior14 SILVER, Park City, Utah
sprior14 SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Honey nut cheerios
Falling on the floor
You hear the bus’s rumble
And you’re flying out of the door
Pressure starts
People stare
As you go to your seat

Your reputation is everything
And soon it’ll turn on some heat
Gossip goes, rumors fly
My mind turns upside down
I will smile and nod just to get by
So I don’t look like a clown

But lies build up and I transform
And become a shadow in a storm
Betrayal builds and I am gone
As easily as before
The pieces of my confidence
Lie there in the street
I’m cleaning up the mess I made
And there is no way to cheat

Suddenly a smile forms
And sends the clouds away
Time to start over
How ‘bout I start today?
The truth is out
All loud and clear
There is no time to fret
I will walk tall and strong
The truth I hope to get

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