dissappointing love

February 10, 2010
something that pulls and tears at the skin.
how someone has so much power of another being;
i never understood until i,
myself fell
in love.
its a feeling you could never understand.
a pain youd never want to endure.
its a four letter word that has so much power,
it can ruin e v e r y t h i n g,
in the blink of an eye.
its funny how you thought you could be so perfect together
and like the rush of an ocean wave you collide;
you get tangled up in something;
you cant breathe.
you try to find the
oxygen which was once there;
its been stolen from you
you grasp for his hand
its nowhere;
hes nowhere
the love you once shared is
as much as you wish they were,
things will never be the same.
the worst part:
you let him do this to you
you opened up your heart only for it
to be completely dismanteled
it wasnt planned;
a freak accident.
it hurts;
from the tips of your fingers,
to the veins in your body
your heart pounds against your chest
so hard you fear itll burst out and fall
on the floor at any moment.
l o v e
the biggest dissappointment
ive ever had;
from you

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