Too Late

February 10, 2010
Don’t make me cry for you,
When it was all your on you,
don’t make me feel guilty,
When it was all your fault,
You threw our love to the aside,
And forgot who you were,
Disregarding all who loved you,
And I stayed by your side every time,
During every nightmare,
Every pain you tried to hide,
Over and over again I watched you cry,
You chose to ruin your life,
I wasn’t the one to sit by and watch it happen,
Offering you all the help I could give,
Showing you there was someone out there who cared,
But caring wasn’t your thing,
You blew off every warning and any sign,
Loving you was hard thing to do,
But I didn’t it anyway,
It was my choice to stay,
My choice to watch you hurt yourself,
And now it too late to turn back,
And too late to throw my love for you away,
And to late for me not to cry.

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