Nine Sundays

February 10, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a Sunday that my hormones let loose
When I came to the city and watched my life unfold
In the days that followed
From terror to tranquility
Serotonin coursing through my veins

I’ve kissed boys drunk
And sober too, on beds
In bars, in grass, on weed
And they were nothing but objects
On which I worked out my frustrations

Today I collapsed, a fever rages
Now I am a slave who longs for my energy
For smiles, skim milk, and Singapore
For Crotona and Hoffman and Belmont
For a wave of people trying to find me

This place is a jungle that ate me alive
And I only pray now I crawl out of this pit
In the city of dreams and golden streets
The city of millions and millions
I’ve never been more alone

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