This Fate

February 10, 2010
A love to be told,
Yet not to be held,
A man grasps something to hold,
He despairs as he's being shelled.
A woman confused,
Does she want him,
Or will she just be used?
Her name can be put into song,
His heart can't help but feeling weak,
What can go so wrong?
Their futures may be bleak.
Windows of opportunity,
Cast in the shadow,
She looks to the city,
He looks to the window.
Denied by fate,
Allowed by love,
Whom should hate
That wonderful dove?
So release my love,
You hateful fate,
Let me find the glove,
Let me heal at any rate.
And still I must fold,
My heart is cold.
What am I to do,
When nothing is true?

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