February 10, 2010
By Amelia Sadler BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Amelia Sadler BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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My trees are barren, raped of their leaves, and of their fruits.
Their proud and unyielding branches twist brokenly towards heaven
For salvation.

Begging to be relieved
Of this relentless indulgence
Away their life and meaning.

If ever anarchy could be heard, it now pierces the silence,
Ringing across my dying landscape
As machines of destruction
Tear through my once fertile soil.

Birds are plucked from the skies,
Their homes swallowed
In the carnage.

Beings of every kind I have ever known
At the sight of such arrogance.
Every being but one.

My foliage withers and succumbs
To their unstoppable force.
My needs are now a hazy, neglected memory
that for most have long since been forgotten.

They are blind.
Their senses dulled,

Their hearts are hollow.
Void of emotion.
I no longer recognize what they have become,
So distorted are they with greed.

Never the less I love them.
Too long have I held them too my breast,
Too long have I fed them from my own mouth,
Too long have I tended their existence.

They are as much a part of me as my
Melting glaciers,
Suffering children,
And polluted lungs.

Their history and very essence
Is intertwined at every point in
My past.
I am helpless against them.

As always, I will offer until they stop taking,
Give until they cease asking.
Provide all they hunger for until their bellies are finally

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