Everything is so dark

February 10, 2010
By Tigerlily11 GOLD, South China, Maine
Tigerlily11 GOLD, South China, Maine
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Everything was so dark
I remember the day
the day i gave you my heart
The day everything went
from sunshine to
That day
Everything changed
I was so sad
and i felt like i could not do anything
to help me from crying
i remember that day
like it was yesterday
Still Everyday all
I could see ws
everything being
so dark
i thought that i could
trust you
you promised that
you would not hurt me
yet here we are today
with one girl having mixed reviews
and torn between you
and another boy
I remember the day
and it was just the other day
wen i gave my heart away
Do i trust you
or is everything going to turn dark
oce again
Once i gave you my heart
you were vulnerable
I gave it away because
i thought i could trust you
instead you made
Everything of mine
and turning dark

The author's comments:
This is from me going out with a guy and falling to fast and than me getting hurt

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