Nature Story

February 9, 2010
By Stache BRONZE, Setauket, New York
Stache BRONZE, Setauket, New York
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Took up our canteens past the brush
Into Indigo streams we bathed
Dropped below temperates, we were saved
As to the undergrowth we prayed
Seventeen thousand feet

Streaks of oblivious darkness across my eyes
Into trenches, guard your armories
Or they'll blacken every sky
You'll see the birds from the mountain
As they fall

My throat is fighting back, I'm taken
My nostrils from the smoke were shaken
Release someone else
As the dew drops on the letter
Swallowed by a second swan who was born at dawn
And I'm wearing leather

In an eclipse we passed gnawing goats
By rarely more than a score
If ever hazel fumes blinded me from my path
I had felt otherworldly wrath
Until my paces fell to the shore

Flightless and without breath their mortars
Sank soldiers as we oared so slowly
With pockets filled with exotic fruits
Drowning men without inflatable suits
I was woken in a rush as my liver gave unto a parachute

Spread between their arrows we were
Found out on evergreens through the spruce
Closer to an uncertain truce
You will taste water frosted by night
Melted by morning
And in time past their huts you'll find even more to lose

Like a midday sundown my bride came early
Separated only by modest visions
As the tundra's breath cast my hair as curly
In tightened braids for our accolades
Blowing the blue sand from my true hands into hers

Ammunition, thrown as sparse as it was
In these moist weeks and months left no echo
For the mate less hoping cries
Of a gecko
My swollen eyes caught sight of grain as they closed

Won't you grasp the moment to sniff the rose?
Rather, pull up an anchor as you began
Pressed my fingers as a holy man
In a burdened moment I overheard our enemies
Sparkling wines pouring from their mouths, and inflamed
We took to the caves

With wax from the ceilings our exit was held
To keep famished by and by until there was some way to wield
Maroon fires delivered us from evil we spoke
Gunpowder onto my lips
You have crested every mountain and beyond

And If ever the moon inspired
Precipitation halted my pen
A lone warrior, without pink sympathy and among men
We returned from under fallen vines
With mindsets of some other kind

Knees were hindered,
Arms had grown numb before a bell was filled with water
How you would imagine a climb from the cliffs
As I've pronounced in every riff
And as my memory was a supernova

Silenced hills from peaceful grazing long ago
Our eardrums fell before we heard the shouts
My ink went dry
Silken plateaus kept my skip yesterday
But tomorrow loaned, as it softly moaned, a hollowed hold of clay

Heaven divided my plea unto the stars
My backbone shattered, and I found deep in tar
Fingers that softly folded into mine
Hell's white tongue into the frost
Slurred the syllables, and my toes turned away from what I'd lost
I'm going home

The author's comments:
This is an epic poem that I wrote called "Nature Story". The poem centers around a small army that discovers natural wonders amidst the backdrop of a war.

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