Save me

February 9, 2010
Save me
Don’t know how much more
I can take
Before I give in and force
Another into my place

What face is that the water shows
It can’t be mine, I know
No face of mine could cause the fear
I’ve seen it inflict

The stone I throw disrupts the image
The picture of cold hard despair
I prepare to pitch another
To prevent its reappearance
But a soft, insistent hand closes over mine

I look up and see your face
Understanding mingled with worry
All tied up in the package of love

And now I’m sitting in your lap
Watching your face as you watch the water
Patience I do not possess
Waiting for it to settle

The ripples run away too soon
Exposing a clear revealing picture
But when I look away in shame
You only hold me tighter

When I turn to you once more
Your eyes, they read my face as though
It were a priceless manuscript
Written long ago

My face, the thing of others’ nightmares
The face you love so much
Is reflected in the water
I wonder how you can stand to look
My expression twists to hopelessness
Yet you do not let go

Save me
Monsters are emerging
The outer armor doesn’t hold
Against the inside attack
Be my brave and fearless knight
Save me

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