Lend Me Your Ear

February 9, 2010
By , Bethel, CT
Don’t be part of a cult, just be a man
And if you lend me your ear, I’ll give you a hand.
Don’t follow the pack because it’s easier then
Facing the facts or thinking again.
Drugs give no mercy, they only take
Away your freedom
They make you ache.
You think they help you forget
But back in reality, they make you sweat.
You drink for the thrill, you drink for the buzz.
You drink to pretend life is what is was
When you were younger, when love was real,
When your family was whole, nothing to mend, no hearts to heal.
You blackout on life, you blackout on death,
You hope every day that it isn’t your father’s last breath.
You fight for your freedom, You fight for what’s right,
But at the end of the day, you can’t find the light.
You try to look tough; you try to look cold,
But inside I know you’re scared for what the future holds.
You say no one understands, but you don’t take the time
To let people in, to let them lend you their hands.
So many people care, so many people hurt for you,
When I see you fall down,
Know I cry too.
You wanna take the high road, the sly road, but you deny
That working will help you go farther in life, help you achieve and to avoid strife.
You cheat on your body, you lie to your brain, and you convince yourself you’re not going insane.
You claim that you’re brainwashed, you’re angry all the time,
You claim you fight for the good of your company; but your fights are a crime.
I don’t agree with the choices you make, I wish you could see it too,
But no matter what I’m here for you,
Through thick and thin, I’ll stay true.
When all else fails, and everyone is gone,
I’ll still be your shoulder to cry on.
And when the world walks out and no one is there to keep you out of harm,
I’ll be standing here with open arms.
Don’t be part of a pack that leads to demolition,
Go to the purer path, I’ll help with the transition.
Try to be yourself, and be a man,
And if you lend me your ear, I’ll give you my hand.

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aDreamer said...
Mar. 9, 2011 at 10:35 pm
i. love. this. so very much. this is so so good. i think your word choice is incredible. awesome job:)
clairexaudrey This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Mar. 9, 2011 at 11:54 pm

Thanks(: I wrote this to and for one of my old friends a while back, and I sent him this in a letter...it was my way of telling him that drugs and alcohol were not the easy way outs and he had to man up and deal with his problems head-on.

He read this and took my advice, so it shows the true power of words.

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