What I am

February 9, 2010
To you I am
Just a face in the crowd
A girl who you rarely see
A friend who is perfect
A daughter who is as loving as can be.

You think that is all you need to know
All I am
All I can be
The part of me that is unhappy
You try desperately not to see.

Yet you say you want the truth from me
Is that really what you want
Can you handle it
If you can’t stop right here
For right now the truth is about to come out of me.

Most nights I go to sleep praying I won’t wake up
Very few hoping I will
I crave love more than anything
But I am terrified more than anything
The scars go more than skin deep
And aren’t just from falling down
What you do is abuse
And I promise you that is no excuse
I want to let go of you
But I still have faith in you
The reason I love it so much
Is because I want it for myself.

I know you don’t believe me
Drama queen
You say
You’ll burn this up
And forget everything I tried to say
Fine go ahead
Just promise me you won’t ask why
Next time I ask you to save me.

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