Space Emotion.

February 9, 2010
By elizabethr PLATINUM, Lynnville, Indiana
elizabethr PLATINUM, Lynnville, Indiana
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...I fly Across the Universe.
30 Second to Mars it seems to take.
My mind is spinning as the painted
Lighthouse struggles to stay upon the wall.

The Beatles crawl across the floor,
ever searching for a tiny morsel long forgotten.
My love's inhale seeps through the thin walls,
Kicking Daisies in his dream again no doubt.

My mind tries to record the stars leaping off
the sun, as Rihanna plays Russian Roulette.
Earth's moon preys silently, stealing the Sun's
bright light to fuel its own power.

According to the watch midnight has snuck upon
me, allowing my mind to wonder: Insomniac?
The Owl City I read about last week grasps my might I save them from the wretches of life?

Your mind seems to wander ever more so,
here in the midst of the galaxy.
I think of little things: the Rolling Stones with which
I played with as a child, the Pixie sticks I used to eat.

A jolt of thunder runs across the starry sky,
playing hide and seek with the planets.
A loop of stars miss my shuttle by mere inches,
Fear never once striking my heart.

My Morning Jacket streams throughout the air;
gravity lost, vanished into seemingly nothingness.
I dream of a Sugarland as I watch the rainbow
of stars collaborate with explosions.
My love, how do you sleep?

The author's comments:
I got the inspiration to put bands/artists in a poem &this is how it turned out(:

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