Time Heals All

February 9, 2010
This place I am in is doing nothing but bringing back memories, horrible memories that are leaving scars across my damaged heart.
No matter how hard I want to escape this horrid place something about it keeps me here.
Will your beauty and your love give me the strength to run from this place?
Will it be enough to heal my damaged heart?
Am I invisible to you, do I not exist to you?
The person I’m in love with doesn’t even notice me.
This must be a nightmare, nothing is going right.
I think this might be the real thing; nothing in my life ever goes right…
Finally she takes notice in me, is this a turn in events?
Finally I feel something in my life might go right.
I finally see the love that I thought never existed.
Finally that wonderful feeling of being thought of is showing its face to my darken world.
It’s shining the light of love my way.
Maybe she will be the one to heal my cracked and broken heart.
We just have to see what time will do for me…

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