love for my brother

February 9, 2010
By la_princess BRONZE, Houston, Texas
la_princess BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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you are ma brother,
my safe harbor,
the closest thing that i have to armor,
you stood by ma side when i cried,
protected me when i lied,
you brought light into my darkest days,
told me everything was always goin to be ok,
you said "as long as im alive,as long as im breathing i will guard you and protect you,and there's no doubt that if i had to, little sis I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!"
you said it was stronger than a promise,
the most sacred of all oaths,
if i didnt have you, i wouldnt know myself,

like you said im the "m" and you are the "e" and that makes "me",
so without you im nothing!!!

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