Got A Problem

February 9, 2010
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Yes my name is Kylea, but they know me as
Ky-Ky so you're not wrong about that,but i
have been hearing that you and your Lil crew
have a problem. So thatz what i am standing
here for. I am not standing here to waste my
time on you. You're worth nothing but a dime
and none of my time, if that. So tell me do you
have a problem? 'Cause this is what i gotta say,
So listen. Got a problem wit' me? Solve it. Think
I'm trippin? Tie my shoe. Can't stand me? Sit
down. Can't face me? Turn around. Try all of
those rules and then lets see if you still "Got
A Problem". If you do it can keep advancing
to the next level. I don't think you would like
that. So do you have a problem?
"Yeah I didn't think so"

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