If Love goes to Hell

February 9, 2010
-If love goes to Hell-
say one day that i die
and somehow you go along
yes life can be that cruel but, don't ask me why
if i'm judged for what i did wrong
that's where i'd let go
cause i'm sure heaven wants an angel like you
so beautiful you'd outclass the rest, i know
down below as i burn
hopefully you'd still love me, pray our hearts may again meet
cause i surly would, love has powers most still didn't learn
it has the ability to reach such a feat
to connect two hearts so far in heaven, and so far in hell
and bring them together, let one break free
break away from the devil, before he can tell
that a soul has escaped to heaven where it wants to be
but if, in our end, you went down to lay in the fire
and my path was to the light, i'd still be by your side
cause my heart needs your love for life, or i'll expire
if i didn't follow i think my control would die
I wouldn't give up to bring you to heaven
where our love can ferment
and there, if your ever sad, because of me your mood would leaven (lighten)
if nothing works God will help, before long he'll see our intent

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