Jewish Girl

February 9, 2010
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As the sun rays began to emit form the horizon
And dusk brought forward dawn
The young Jewish girl woke from her couch
And played in the fresh air of the lawn
The day was no different than any other
A bright sunny morning lay ahead
Though the world was in a panicked state
The little girl had no idea of what was said
Her mind as simple as it was
Didn't understand why she was not to be seen
What dangers were possible to her
Why Hanukah was not as it had been
Then suddenly out of nowhere
A group of jets went flying past
They dropped objects that caused explosions
And the world was turning black fast
She turned around to run back home
But it seemed that it was not there
For where once stood her pretty little house
The land, now full of soot was bare
All of a sudden terror seized her heart
Which wouldn't understand what happened to her dear one
And in a split of a second her world changed
Shock paralyzed her body; she began to run
She didn't know where she was going
Tears rolled from her blue eyes
Why this happened she did not know
Her live changed in the moves of dice
And she sat down near a sewer
And didn't move due to fear
And she stayed there day and night
In hope to get back all that was dear
But slowly as time passed
And hunger and fear got the better of her
She heard and realized about Nazis and Hitler
And why things were as they were
And all what she could do was wait
Till a new message was sent
And bestow her living on hope
That one day all this would end

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renthead101 said...
May 17, 2010 at 6:39 pm
this is great! you are a great writer!
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