In Reflection

February 9, 2010
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Delightfully joyful.
So much so that....
I finally feel the need to live..
Live for the moment.
And dispel the greater need..
In favor of what I need now.
This exhilaration will only last...
For never.
These memories will surge through...
Once or twice a long year.
But the regrets will not dissipate...
For more than forever.
In the end,
The best is here.
The worst is yet to come.
So don't dwell.
Take that temporary high...
And rest my tired head for a while.
On what is real?
It's difficult to tell.
Truth will enlighten me soon.
Till then...
Cheers to the day.
And in revelling in the future of nothingness or all...
Whatever is yet to come...I heartily welcome you.

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